What’s In Your Tool Box?

Do you have memories of being read to as a child?  I grew up around books.  They weren’t in my house actually…I got my love of books from the library but my love of stories came from my Dad.  He would gather us girls together at night before bed and tell us a story.  My Dad went as far as the sixth grade…so needless to say his reading skills were limited.  But that didn’t stop him from using his vivid imagination to create the most amazing stories.  His stories seemed like they were his own adventures…riding a wild horse on his sister’s farm; climbing a mountain covered by snow,  even flying a kite on a windy March afternoon.  The point is…he took the time to engage us in fantasy, make believe and adventurous journeys.  My Dad made me feel safe and loved and inspired me to dream and envision myself far beyond the poverty he had known most of his life to an endlessly awesome existance.

What makes a child feel as if they can do anything?  Well, for me it only took one look into my Dad’s eyes as he told his stories.  It was as if he could see pass any obstacle straight into amazing!  We will need to inspire our children in ways unlike anyone else.  When you are close to a child and the child feels that connection with you inspiration is shared and fed to maturity.  Children are thinking, talented, intelligent, listening beings.  They hear us loud and clear…especially when we think they are not listening.  Take time to spend with a child and share with them YOUR story.  Oh, you didn’t realize you have a story?  Everybody has a story…lot’s of stories even.  Open up your heart’s door.  Close your eyes and settle your thoughts and you will hear the voice of your inner child begin to tell YOUR story. 

So, here’s another tool:  Look deep inside and find the story that inspired you. 

In order to engage a child in the creation of his or her own story…you need a story of your own.    Why is this so important?  Our story is our identity.  It contains everything that shapes our vision, goals, purpose and even our fears.  We are positioning ourselves to become architects in the building of something amazing!  It’s a process…won’t happen overnight.  But, happen it will! 


One response to “What’s In Your Tool Box?

  1. My dad told me stories too. He always made them so much fun. I probably asked for the same ones over and over. Also, my mother took me to the library and bought me books for Christmas. I still have some of the books she and daddy gave me, and I have shared them with my children and grandchildren.

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