How Can You Help?



We have a Scholarship Program!  Here’s How it works:

Each scholarship recipient would benefit from our programs, but has a financial hardship making it difficult to pay the required fees.  Each recipient is required to write an essay explaining why they want to participate in our programs.  A list is compiled and when funds are donated the scholarship is offered to the recipient based on their place on the list.  If a child is unable to attend, their name is moved to the bottom and the next name is selected.  Last year we were able to offer scholarships to every child on our list!  8 scholarships were awarded!

You can to support our workshop and other programs  by helping us fund our scholarship program. Your generous gift will be used for supplies and other necessary materials needed to complete the workshop and publish a finished story for each child.  It will also be used to cover materials needed for our new Public Speaking Skills Sessions. (TBA)

There are two ways to help:

1.  Donate a dollar amount directly to the writing Workshop Scholarship Program by emailing me at  Indicate the amount you would like to give and I will send you an invoice.

2.  Visit our online boutique and shop!  100% of the proceeds from all sales go to funding our current programs and enable us to offer even more.

Will you join me in enhancing the self-esteem of a child or young adult? We need YOU!

Thank you so much!

Beverly Jones-Durr
Executive Director
Every Child Has a Story


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