My name is Beverly Jones-Durr.  I am an Author, Mother, Grandmom, Y’all sayer, Life Motivation Coach and Glorious Child of God.  I have been given lots to do and much to say, so you have been warned. (smile)  Actually, I hope you will come back often for information, enlightment, encouragement and always truth.  I welcome comments, however please be respectful.  My focus is on “Children”.  People always say that children are our future.  Well, I think it’s true, but I also believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  I am alerting the village that it’s children are in trouble!  They really need the village now more than ever.  I would appreciate it if people would stop blaming the parents everytime a child or grown person does something truly stupid, cruel or deadly.  It is apparent to me that the June Cleaver families are rare today.  Doesn’t mean it’s the parents fault.  We waste precious time pointing the finger of blame when in fact we have to address the problem and do what we can to eradicate it.  If the fire department stood around while a house burned debating whose fault it was….how does that save the burning house?  You can’t un-burn a house!  But it can be rebuilt.

  I hope to start an evolution of families and a revolution for the children.  A revolution that fights daily for children who have lost their ability to dream and write their own story.  Life is a story.  I want the child to become the main character as his/her story is written.  They must have vision to see themselves in the future where their dreams are reality.  Their story has to be written and we must help.  If in fact children are our future, they desparately need to know to Whom they belong.  They are God’s little lambs…and we are shepherds.  Will you help our children find their way?  They need common skills like reading, writing and yes math.  They can’t support themselves as adults without skills.  They need help developing a life plan. Yes, especially children.  A plan of success and a play book on how to get there.  Will the Village please step up?

I am a member of the Global Education Conference Network, Connecting Educators and Organizations Worldwide. (GlobalEdCon)


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